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Baby Vagabond is a site dedicated to providing encouraging and informative information about traveling with your wee little one to create lasting memories and enriching experiences. It is also our sincere hope that the site will help to broaden families and the world alike by offering kudos for what is certain to develop this generation of little people into the next generation of adults who appreciation people, cultures and adventures.

Addditionally, we also want to create a forum for parents/families who do not have their own site to provide content from their travels and lessons learned to offer a well rounded read on who’s traveling and how they are better for the experience. Every family is a star!

Our Desire

What happened to that person who would make plans to get away and have a vacation on a whim? Responsibility. Routine. Family. We get it. However, we have seen too many families postpone travel until ‘the baby’ is a little older. Then, before you know it, there is a second and maybe even a third child on the way. The expense of a family and the conventional thought of revisiting the idea of travelling once the children are all gone is just not practical.

Realistically, once retired with the time to travel, most do not have the finances to explore the globe they way they promised themselves they would. At best, you are making one couple’s trip a year. If your, now, grandchildren don’t live in the same state, you may look forward to holiday season trips to spend time with family.

While that’s not a bad life, it doesn’t say anything for traveling the world, sharing adventures with people you are close to, or experiencing new cultures, gaining an understanding of how others see things and expressing appreciation for different people.

The Mission

Here at Baby Vagabond, we want everyone who so desires to get out there and see the world with their lil ones in tow – no excuses – and see and do it together! We want to provide information on the most family friendly travel places, the most useful baby travel accessories and most of all the encouragement to do it!


Wee Wanderluster Champion,

Leslie Seymour

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