About Me

From One Parent To Another

I’m Leslie. Single parent of a, now, 19 year old daughter. As my daughter is now in college, working part-time, spending time with new friends, struggling to say goodbye to old ones and figuring ‘it’ out for herself, I realized that I miss getting out and about with her. Affectionately my little road dog, she has always been willing to go-go-go and I love that I have those memories to call upon.


Never married, I raised my daughter by myself. It wasn’t until she was 8 years old that I started receiving child support. As it can be for many single mothers, money was tight and it always made me feel as though my daughter was suffering and missing out because she didn’t have a ‘normal’ family life. At some point, I decided to stop feeling a victim of my own circumstance and create what would be ‘normal’ for my daughter and I. We took our first family vacation when she was 5. We drove from Decatur, Georgia to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Our first, but not last road trip.

In addition to feeling so empowered about making the 6-hour drive all by myself, the trip was the trigger for a passion for travel with my daughter. I loved traveling with my daughter. Just the two of us, our packed snacks and our excited anticipation about where we’re going. Even at 5 years old, I enjoyed having conversations with her – she keeping me company while I was driving. I became determined to figure out how to take a family vacation once a year.


Parents should make the decision to travel with children! Start traveling with them while they are young. Don’t let their young age be a deterrent. There are too many benefits to a child’s social development, family’s growth and bonding and just way too many things to see and do and experience!

I also want your family’s travels to help create love and appreciation in the world. To help unify this planet. To bring down walls of social constraints while still building up culture and admiration for history.

All the best,

Leslie Seymour