Benefits of Family Travel Budgeting – It just makes sense

Sure. We all want to have that fantastic, no holds barred family vacation where we do it up! Picture it…as they seemingly walk down the vacation visitor’s red carpet, the kids are happy and all smiles and arms burdened down with every souvenir they asked for, mom is still keeping the look altogether with the coordinated outfit, big lens dark sunglasses and comfortable espadrilles while pops is pulling up the rear feeling ever so swaggy because he is the man who dropped the cash to make it all happen.

If only it were like that in real life, right? Well, it can be. Sort of. Planning a budget is like taping off the walls before you get started painting. No one really wants to do it, but it will cost you big time if you don’t. Sure ‘planning’ isn’t sexy and who wouldn’t want to have deep enough pockets to not have to care? There’s got to be a happy medium between a crummy, just-never-getting-it-quite-right Griswald vacation and the vacation that makes you feel like the time and money was well spent. Family travel budget help is here – listen up!

A Travel Budget Can Save Time

Knowing what the family will be doing and when can save time and prevent alot of stress – for everyone. Let’s face it. No matter how much we like to do it, travel can be stress…ful. There is already enough to worry about – did we pack everything we need, do we have the tickets, did we leave the iron on? It’s a slight panic as you settle into, ‘Yeah. Vacation, here we come!’

Having a travel budget can help alleviate some of the stress that only seems unavoidable when traveling. Creating a budget can save time, among other benefits. While it is not necessary to be enrolled in vacation boot camp with strict travel itinerary, it is necessary, however, to have an outline of what each day is going to be comprised of even if it’s a day of lounging at the beach or poolside at the hotel. No rushing and moving purposefully throughout the day will remove anxiety and keep everyone’s frustration level low.

Prevent Post Vacation Money Woes

Being realistic about what you can afford to do will enable you, as a parent, to come back with a refreshed aura instead of a regretful attitude. After all, there will be many other family vacations. Leave some unconquered family fun for another vacation. Proper family vacation planning will prevent you from associating much-needed family fun and bonding time with the negative emotion of feeling overwhelmed by debt. Believe it or not, your family vacation plans can actually enable you to have more family fun filled adventures per year. As opposed to overspending, which could delay your next vacation, practical planning will serve as proof that you can have a fun and memorable vacation without breaking the bank which will have you wanting to do it again the first chance you get.

Everyone Gets Something Out Of It

Taking time to plan the family vacation means much more than just looking at the financial aspect of the trip. You will also want to take inventory of what each family member’s interests are. Having eligible family members provide a prioritized list of at least three things they want to do will give you an opportunity to review cost pros and cons. Comparing the cost and activity lists will make it easier to decide what the family can and cannot do; what you can make possible. Even though no one person will get to do everything they want, each person will get to do something they really want to do. This approach is in contrast to making decisions on the fly; making decisions on activities and cost just to find another activity minutes later that everyone ‘really’ wants to do.

Ready. Set. Budget!

You could so be at the finish line of this thing. Just get started. Take inventory of what there is to do; what activities and amenities are available. Take consideration for what each family member would like to do. Make some sensible decisions. Let everyone know that the souvenirs will be bought on the last day after having seen and done all the activities. Most of all, stick to the budget. Great vacation. No money woes. The desire and enthusiasm to do it all over again as soon as another school break comes along.

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