Featured Families

We’d Love To Hear Your Travel Tale!

As parents who can appreciate the importance of family travel, we all want to hear about your adventures – whether they be challenging and seemingly discouraging or amusingly unforgettable – please share with us! Baby Vagabond is not about just one family’s blog. It’s a tribute to all the family’s who have braved the experience and quieted the voice of apprehension and anxiety to earn the bragging rights of triumphant travel.

If you are interested in being a Featured Family, please send an email to sitemanager@babyvagabond.com. To ensure you provide an entertaining read, please provide the following :

  • At least 1 family photo, but no more than 5. Give us all an idea of who was traveling and show us something you did on your travels.
  • Family name
  • Number of children/ages/gender
  • Where you travelled from
  • Where you travelled to
  • Mode of transportation
  • Most memorable experience
  • Most challenging experience
  • Why you are glad that you decided to take this trip as a family


Baby Vagabond can promise that every attempt will be made to share your story in the way it was provided, but please be advised there may be need to be edit family adventures to ensure continuity or brevity. Details in the story will not be changed – it’s your story, not ours.